Here is our story...​

In early 2009 the real estate market took a downturn leaving many homeowners with financial uncertainty. As they began trying to sell their homes they quickly realized that it would be difficult. Home values dropped, leaving people stuck in their mortgages and facing tough decisions including short sales, foreclosures or the loss of their savings.


In response to market conditions two local real estate agents, with several decades of experience in the Lexington market, decided to help provide a solution. They knew that assisting people in renting their homes would shelter them from making a poor decision due to short term circumstances. From this idea, Expert Property Management was born.


Beginning with a handful of properties, they explored what it meant to be a property management company. They quickly realized that for people with no experience renting their home, the thought of being a landlord was intimidating. So they set out to demystify the process. They began to create a service that transitioned people from being a homeowner to being an owner of a home they were renting to someone else. They vowed to offer the best customer service to their owners and tenants and begin to try to take some of the stigma off of property management companies.


Fast forward to today and Expert Property Management is now providing service to over 250 owners with 500 properties. We have grown from those two real estate agents in a small office to our large office with 10 employees. While we have branched out to include more services for investors and multiple property owners, we continue to focus heavily on providing the small excellent service and simplicity to everyone that we work with.


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