All services included in Marketing Service (see below) plus...

  • We collect rents, enforce lease and communicate with tenants.

  • Our repair team will coordinate needed repairs and hire contractors on your behalf.

  • We manage tenant issues such as late notices and evictions if needed.

  • Our office staff will pay bills on owner's behalf.

  • We provide monthly reports and net proceeds to owners using direct deposit.

  • We perform move-out walk throughs, account for security deposits and return necessary funds to tenants according to state and federal laws.


Your cost for Marketing AND Ongoing Management Service is 50% of first month’s rent and 10% of monthly rent as long as a tenant is in the property. We offer multiple property discounts on these rates.

MARKETING SERVICES (this service is included with Ongoing Management)

  • We will advise clients on market rent and best rentable condition.

  • We will promote your property for maximum exposure on Lbar, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia and many other rental listing sites.

  • Our showing agents will show property to prospective tenants.

  • Our office staff will screen applicants thoroughly including credit and criminal background.

  • We collect employment and income verification on every adult tenant.

  • We recommend and/or approve applicants, execute their lease and collect deposits.

  • We handle the Move-in process, fully documenting the condition of the home using photographs and descriptions.


Your cost for Marketing Service is 100% of one month’s rent.